I studied for my degree at Winchester School of Art (Gillian Ayres was head of painting). My first job was on the reception at Marlborough Fine Art (they represented Bacon, Freud, Kitaj and many other world class artists).  This invaluable experience lasted 5 years followed by part time jobs behind the scenes at The Arts Council and The Tate Gallery whilst painting and exhibiting my own work.


For a decade I painted and showed my work internationally and from 1990 showed mostly in London to concentrate on the early years of my four children.  During this period I developed a preference for working later more peaceful part the day often until early hours.  This has continued to be a most creative time for working.  




I move through subject phases sketching in mixed media and using my own photographs and sometimes the photos given to me by friends.  I use these to create more complex larger work again in mixed media on paper in the studio or in open air (if the weather is OK!). I almost always work on paper since I just prefer the absorptivity of the surface over that of canvas.


Naturally I draw subjects from most aspects of my daily life and surroundings (I live in the countryside in Buckinghamshire not far from London). However, an overseas trip or suggestion from a client or friend has often triggered an exciting new phase or series of work.


Over the last five years my work has been shown by Linda Blackstone and can be seen in New York, Singapore and Hong Kong as well as many of the London Art Fairs.  Each piece of work has a unique background and story and the process of its creation is a much loved part of my life.




Working palette